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Two big fleets announce driver pay bumps

Two more fleets have recently announced pay increases for some of their drivers.

Tennessee-based Milan Supply Chain Solutions (No. 237 on the CCJ Top 250) is raising pay for its regional drivers and independent contractors, while Alabama-based Boyd Bros. is raising pay for all of its drivers.

Milan says it will pay experienced company drivers between 40 and 50 cents-per-mile, resulting in annual earnings of $60,320 to $73,320, based on 2,500 weekly miles. Company team drivers will now be paid between 49 and 52 cents-per-mile.

Milan owner-operators will now make $1.10 per mile with fuel surcharge on loaded miles, and lease-purchase operators will make $1.07 per loaded mile.

Boyd Bros. drivers, beginning Feb. 27, will receive a 2 cents-per-mile bump in pay, along with a $1,000 weekly minimum pay guarantee. The company is also launching a $500 signing bonus that’s accompanied with an additional 6 cents-per-mile for the next 18 months.

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