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Our dedicated technical staff has been at the forefront of the staffing technology industry for over a decade. We have invested a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to develop our “FIRST ALERT” notification technology.  Our flagship and proprietary technology  interfaces with existing relationship management, applicant tracking and digital communication.  Our integrated job board module is constantly scanning several hundred-web extensions at any given time. 


No organization can depend solely on traditional means of recruiting anymore. APEX provides a simultaneous dual approach to recruiting.  No longer can a company afford to only utilize traditional print ads and word of mouth to fill their open positions. The methods in which jobs are filled are changing. Networking websites are becoming a more and more common tool in the recruitment process, as they provide good opportunities to find talent.

The rise of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn has perhaps had the biggest impact. The implications of this growth affect both employers and their potential hires. For employers, it offers a massive pool of information on prospective employees, effectively acting as a preliminary piece of background screening. For those looking for work, social networking sites, especially the more business-oriented ones, can act as a virtual shop window.

It might seem a little unfair that those of us who have been around the longest are given newcomer status, but it’s an undeniable fact that the last 20 years or so of technological advancement have altered our world immeasurably. It’s inevitable, therefore, that the wiry fingers of progress have reshaped recruitment along the way.


Let’s face it: one of the most effective forms of recruiting is by word of mouth. The problem is that it has a limited reach.  What if it were possible to use technology to extend the reach and scope of personalized recruiting?  From our years in the transportation industry, we know that some of our best hires came when one of our employees would casually mention, “Hey, I heard Jim might be looking for a new opportunity.”  In today’s driver employment market most, if not all, quality drivers are currently employed.  Our technology allows our clients and their recruiters to be one of the first, if not the first, potential employer to reach out to these highly qualified candidates. 

First Alert Notification

Our staff has been at the forefront of the technology industry for over a decade developing our “FIRST ALERT” notification technology. 


Our philosophy is, “if you can’t guarantee it, you shouldn’t offer it.” That is why we offer a minimum number BEFORE you sign up.

Cost Comparison

Our recruiting solution combines two effective forms of recruiting into one low cost solution. The Result: an increased volume of applicants that meet your hiring profile in the geographical area that you can use 

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