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United Expedited – Non Asset Carrier

"Using Apex is one of the best business decisions we have ever made."

GH Transport

"We will never run an ad in a newspaper or online job board again."

Apex Recruiting Solutions has allowed us to discontinue many of our other forms of advertising;
drastically reducing our monthly recruiting budget.

Phil Cook
Total Logistics Control

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your team for the outstanding service and dedication to helping us find quality drivers for our expanding fleet. As a result of your service we were able to fill all 20 trucks in a fraction of the time that we anticipated. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Bob Dupree
Bynum Transport

We have been extremely impressed with the quantity and quality of applications that your services has provided.
After using your service we will never pay for an ineffective newspaper ad again.

Aaron Houtari
Rapid Transfer

Apex allows me to do what I do best, speak with a quality applicants about our open positions.

Pam Kroon

We have been fortunate in that our fleet has been growing. We needed to find more drivers so we could fill our demand and that’s when we turned to Apex. Apex Recruiting brought us quality applicants to choose from and we easily filled our need within a short time. As we expand again hopefully soon, we will definitely use them again.

Mike Pederson
A & A Trucking

As HR Director, my biggest headache is when we need to fill driver positions. This process has been long and difficult as our requirements are quite high. I decided to try Apex Recruiting Solutions for this last batch of hires. They did a tremendous job sending us the quality applicants we seek and it streamlined our process in . We will continue to use them now as a regular course of our recruiting efforts.

Georgiana Cuthbert
Peterson Lines INC

Being we are a little smaller outfit, we needed to be competitive still in finding the best drivers. This is always a concern for me as every decision we make is vital. I turned to Apex based on a suggestion from one of my peers. I got the advantage I needed by using their “First Alert” notification system. This allowed me first crack at the best candidates and helped me build a solid team.

Rick Larson
Larson Trucking

First Alert Notification

Our staff has been at the forefront of the technology industry for over a decade developing our “FIRST ALERT” notification technology. 


"I got the advantage that I needed by using their "First Alert" notification system."

Cost Comparison

Our recruiting solution combines two effective forms of recruiting into one low cost solution. The Result: an increased volume of applicants that meet your hiring profile in the geographical area that you can use 

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